Christmas Light: #4 The Ultimate Gift

Image from the Nativity Movie

Image from the Nativity Movie

“For God so loved the world that He gave…” John 3:16

It is only in receiving and experiencing this truly amazing and awesome love called “agape”, the Greek word for unconditional affectionate love that one is able to give this love back. This Love is truly an experience. It is not lip service; it never fails, never becomes obsolete and never comes to an end. It’s real and is accepting of all. No one is ever omitted, prejudged, left out or not good enough to receive and experience this Love of God. As born-again believers, we are commanded to love God with this same type of Love, and we are commanded to love each other and even our enemies with true agape. This world is in need of the real, the true and the authentic. The spirit of prejudice, hatred, and partiality can be felt. It is ugly, unkind, unfair and unloving, but the Spirit of Love can also be felt. It leaves one feeling beautiful, accepted, valued, and happy to be who they are. You don’t have to change anything about yourself to receive and experience this Love. You are always accepted by Him and by the real Christians who have truly received and experienced God’s Love.

As born-again Christians, this Love should permeate every part of us, and no one should ever be in our presence and not experience the God in us. The truly wonderful privilege of being a Christian is to be like Him - to love others as He truly loves this world. We receive the gift of God to become the gift to this world- your family, your co-workers, your boss, your next door neighbor, your teacher, your grocery store clerk, the person you share the roads within driving, and the opportunities to be the gift goes on and on. This Love is life changing; change your world!!!


Tonda Loyd Henry